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As part of the ongoing transition, certain Brighthouse Financial features are serviced by MetLife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (“Brighthouse Financial”) is one of the largest providers of annuities and life insurance in the United States through multiple independent distribution channels and marketing arrangements with a diverse network of distribution partners. Until August 4, 2017, Brighthouse Financial was a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. Additional details regarding the separation from MetLife, Inc., including the tax treatment of separation can be found in Brighthouse Financial's final Information Statement or on MetLife’s Investor Relations website.

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Brighthouse Financial, Inc. common stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol "BHF". In addition, the following Brighthouse Financial securities are also traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market:
  • Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 6.600% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series A are traded under the symbol “BHFAP”.
  • Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 6.750% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series B are traded under the symbol “BHFAO”.
  • Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 5.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series C are traded under the symbol “BHFAN”.
  • 6.250% Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2058 are traded under the symbol “BHFAL”.
Historical stock information for MetLife, Inc. is found at MetLife Stock Quote.

Computershare Trust Company, N.A. is Brighthouse Financial’s stock transfer agent and registrar. If you are a registered stockholder, you may request transfer instructions, update your address, or obtain a statement of your current holdings by contacting Computershare at (888) 670-4771 or by logging into your online account at Computershare Investor Center.

Stockholders whose shares are held through or managed by a stockbroker, bank or other financial institution, should contact such institutions directly for assistance.


We do not currently pay dividends on our common stock.

The 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders was held on Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 8:00 a.m., Eastern Time, solely by means of remote communication (a “virtual meeting”).

Copies of the Annual Report to Stockholders and Proxy Statement are available here.

No, these shares are not included in your policy.
Holders of Brighthouse Financial policies or annuities should call (800) 882-1292 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 A.M. – 6:30 P.M. ET). 
Brighthouse Financial’s independent auditor is Deloitte & Touche LLP.
Our quarterly earnings schedule is found on the News & Events/Calendar section of our Investor Relations website. You may also subscribe to receive Email Alerts here.
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